Bhagavad Gita for Youth Workshop

Bhagavad Gita for Youth Workshop

God Imagination or Reality

The most debated topic of the era. It removes the layers of cause and effects to find out the cause of all causes and how it looks. Is it only a matter who has brought all the varieties, sense and creativity in existence, or is there an active, cognizant living being? Are the things beyond human comprehension only imagination? Is God only a phenomenon created to keep the fear-motivated balance in society?

Building Self Confidence

Now and then, we come across situations where we understand ourselves not fit to perform a task, reply appropriately, stand well in front of authority, and present the matter as it is. It looks as if something from within is not allowing us. Let’s find out the reasons for low confidence, the influence of surroundings, and ways to boost self-confidence.

Perfect Knowledge

A very child starts filling his pocket with a substance known as KNOWLEDGE, but did he ever question the authenticity of these building blocks? What are the various ways of receiving information and filtering that? Which information is most relevant to the precious Life of human beings? As we grow, a different set of communication becomes more relishable. So if this is relative knowledge, then what is absolute knowledge.

Handling Competition

CBSE repeals the ranking and marking system to de-stress the students and allay the exam fears. Although the central education board may have relaxed the stricture in the early days of academics, the pressure nonetheless mounts when the child grows. Competition is inevitable. More than competence, what is lacking is the strength to handle competitive situations. Gain an unassailable edge over your competitors by preparing yourself to face the challenge, however tough!

Real Yoga

Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. It embodies unity of mind and body, harmony between man and Nature, a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is not just about exercise, but changing our lifestyle and creating a harmonious internal consciousness can help us deal with external climate change.

Healthy Living and Food Habits

The kind of FOOD you eat makes up your consciousness. Food nourishes our body, increases our life span, and gives us strength. Can human beings consume anything, or should there be discrimination? Is it necessary for a human being to consume meat-based diets to fulfill nutrients requirements? What is the impact of our food habits on Nature? Also, we will understand how regulations in our eating, sleeping, and recreation help us maintain good health.

Law of Infallible Justice

They have heard of various cases where an offender got released unpunished in court just because of insufficient proof or power of money. Also, sometimes pious people go through various challenges in Life and the sinful enjoy the name, fame, money, etc. It is undoubtedly challenging to comprehend the workings of laws of karma, but indeed this meets at the end the perfect justice. Let us understand how it functions and who is the observer and governor.

The principles of Freedom

Who does not want to fly open in the sky without any restrictions? Naturally, we seek ways to get free from encumbrances of laws imposed by parents, college authorities, governments, and ultimately Nature. Are these authorities against our happiness or externally looking restrictions are the cause of our being peaceful today? Let us understand the need to follow four regulative principles proposed by Vedic Literatures and consequences of following and vice-versa.

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